Poster and Abstract submission

Presenting your work

One of the most useful benefits of the progress in the Paper Physics Seminar is the discussion of ongoing work with international experts. Whenever you think your working field may contribute to the range of paper physics: feel encouraged to join the seminar, to talk with the paper physics community, and to submit an article.

Fields of interest are e.g. paper structure, paper bonding, heat and mass transfer, wetting and drying, micro fluidics, deep drawing or hydro forming, barrier properties, fibre suspension, filtration properties, and much more.

We would appreciate to hear your problems, to learn about your methods, to get inspired by your results.

Submissions have been sent fulfilling the following requests:

  • “call for papers” deadline was 31st of March 2016
  • indication of your preference - presentation or poster - was required
  • either word.doc (preferred) or pdf-format
  • not longer than about one A4 size sheet
  • character type Times New Roman or Arial, size 12 for the main text

To provide a submission the following e-mail address was used:

Papers have been peer reviewed by the seminar committee.  Final acceptance was scheduled to 30th of April 2016. The papers have been accepted as a presentation or as a poster, the information was sent to the first author.

Presentations shall be held as powerpoint slide shows.

As a courtesy to the seminar participants we still ask you to send us either your poster or your powerpoint presentation as a pdf-document until 15th of July 2016 as well as your extended abstract. The extended abstracts will be handed to all participants as a seminar booklet. Your presentation may be downloaded after the seminar by the participants.